Hobby Horse Pow-wow

Hobby Horse Farm’s annual horse camping Pow Wow is always a huge hit with boarders and their families.  Everyone is invited out, including those that are leasing, half-leasing, or even just taking lessons.  People are welcome to camp on the private 40 acre ranch and kick back and enjoy themselves.  There are swimming holes, hiking trails, grassy field to play games in, and a covered shelter for the big potluck cook-out.

Every effort is made to ensure that there are enough horses for riders of all skill levels for those that want to trail ride.  We ride on our own trails through public land and across rivers and ridges alike.  Our trails meander through old growth forest, re-prod, up and down old logging roads, and through rivers and streams.  It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

Friends and family are welcome whether its just for the afternoon or for the full 4 – 5 day long trip!

The Pow Wow is part of what makes Hobby Horse Farm unique.