Anita Adams Dressage Clinic Demonstration

Submit an application to be a demonstration rider below, or simply come to learn how the principles of classical dressage can help in your preparation for this year’s tests.

Join Anita for a demonstration, Saturday, June 18th at Silver Tail Farm from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Anita will be using volunteer riders selected using the application below to demonstrate how classical dressage principles put to use in exercises can help school riders and horses for this year’s dressage tests.

Riders who submit an application who are not selected to ride in the demonstration will receive priority in having their questions specifically answered by Anita during the demonstration.

The demonstration fee is $25 and includes light refreshments.

Please use the form below to submit your application.

Demo Rider Application

If you are not selected to ride, Anita will answer at least one question per rider during the demonstration.  Please submit your question below.

Every attempt will be made to contact each rider who submits an application to ride in the Demonstration.  Riders will be selected by Anita Adams who best suit the goals of the demonstration and efforts will be made to ensure a diverse group of levels are represented from Training on up.  Questions submitted by riders who are not selected to ride will be answered to the best of Anita’s ability throughout the demonstration.

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