Anita Adams

Anita Adams has devoted her career to principles of classical dressage as taught to her by Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. As her mentor, Herr Mikolka has stood steadfast by his principles of upholding the methods he was privileged to learn during his years at the school. His belief in these principles has been passed along to Ms. Adams and it has been her work to uphold these standards by which she was taught.

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Anita Adams on LaDene Scott

For over a decade, I have worked with LaDene Scott and she has proven herself a superb horsewoman and dedicated student of the classical school (see her philosophy, it summarizes this approach).  Earnestly she follows the method of Karl Mikolka and stands by it, utilizing its principles in all of her training.  I have seen excellent progress over the years with her, her students and the horses.  Through this work, the natural abilities are enhanced. As a result, she has well-going horses with improved athleticism and strength. She has produced happy, well-adjusted horses that are eager to work and fun to ride, no matter what discipline they are doing.