Training Philosophy

LaDene Scott

Hobby Horse Farm specializes fostering true horsemanship through the classical teaching of the “Old School.”  LaDene Scott imbues all instruction for both horse and rider, from basic ground manners through the upper levels with these foundations creating a forward, supple, obedient ride for any horse and any rider.

Skills are learned by becoming a master of the basics, which can be exhibited through improving the horse’s natural gaits. By classically developing the natural gaits of the horse, proper muscles become developed and supple which can then protect the joints and ligaments, resulting in longevity of the horse. Old School teaching will create a thinking rider who is capable of riding a horse in motion, with precise timing of the aids, which creates trust, confidence, and obedience that is very important in any discipline of riding. The journey of creating the greatest bond between horse and rider can then begin. What is created with this journey, is a dependable horse that is safe in any situation from the show ring to rugged mountain riding to pleasure riding at home.

Hobby Horse Farm believes that in addition to a moderate show schedule, a well rounded horse is the result of always remembering that horses are made to be horses. Therefore, training also includes camp-outs, river and trail rides in wilderness areas, and recreational rides at the beach.

Anita Adams

Anita Adams has devoted her career to principles of classical dressage as taught to her by Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. LaDene Scott has been working with Karl and Anita for more than a decade. Click on Anita’s name to learn more about her work and what she has to say about LaDene Scott.

Karl Mikolka

Karl Mikolka was accepted by Alois Podhajsky to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna in 1955 at the age of 19. In 1967 he achieved the rank of Chief Rider, or Oberreiter. He relocated to the US in 1972 and LaDene Scott has been working with Karl for more than a decade. Click on Karl’s name to learn more about his work and what he has to say about LaDene Scott.